Rural Support Staff Person of the Year

The Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance (WiRSA) Board of Directors established this award to recognize a support staff person who has made significant contributions to his/her rural school district.

To be nominated you must be a support staff person in a WiRSA member school district.

Award winners will be selected by the WiRSA Board of Directors Executive Committee.

2015 Rural Support Staff Person of the Year Award Winner

Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance (WiRSA)

2016 Rural Support Staff Member Award Winner

Dale Bergman Merrill Area Public Schools

2016 Support StaffDale Bergman was honored by the Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance (WiRSA), a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping address challenges faced by rural school districts, at the annual Rural Schools Conference on November 10, 2016.

Dale Bergman, Merrill’s Maintenance Supervisor, is not only an exceptional leader, but also a quality role model to his staff and others. Dale implements the skills and strategies he learns through our leadership team meetings within the structure by which he engages with those he supervises. The professional relationships he has established and maintained truly indicates his understanding that relationships matter. He is a role model for those under his supervision as they understand he would never ask anything of them that he wouldn’t do himself. Dale’s daily actions have earned him respect by all employees having the pleasure to work with him.

Merrill Area Public Schools recently began a major project, one with enormous financial and construction conditions. The remodeling of our football stadium included upgrading to artificial turf, enhancing the stadium with visual and audio technology, creating snack bar and storage locations, resurfacing the track, and improvements to the field event areas for track and field. With little to no recognition, Dale spearheaded the entire operation and was the point of contact for more than a dozen contractors. He was the common denominator in numerous meetings and quickly became the expert for every single phase of this project. He provided financial data to our Finance Director, pushed contractors to meet a very tight timeline, provided reliable information to community members and addressed the media with information. Dale’s involvement with this project was instrumental to the project’s success. The idea of a donation funded Jay Stadium renovation would have never become a reality without Dale Bergman. Dale is that person who “gets it.” He understands the role he and his department have on student achievement.

The Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance was formed to help rural school districts address the unique issues that affect rural schools as they seek to achieve the highest quality education for every student.  Members include a cross-section of administrators, educators, school board members, post-secondary representatives, rural community members, business leaders, and other concerned individuals who want a strong voice for rural education.