Rural Support Staff Person of the Year

The Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance (WiRSA) Board of Directors established this award to recognize a support staff person who has made significant contributions to his/her rural school district.

To be nominated you must be a support staff person in a WiRSA member school district.

Award winners will be selected by the WiRSA Board of Directors Executive Committee.

2017 Rural Support Staff Person of the Year Award Winner

Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance (WiRSA)

2017 Rural Support Staff Member Award Winner

Jim Briggs Albany School District

Jim Briggs was honored by the Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance (WiRSA), a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping address challenges faced by rural school districts, at the annual Rural Schools Conference on October 30, 2017.

Jim Briggs is Albany School District’s Maintenance Supervisor. Jim goes above and beyond his job description every single day; this includes nights and weekends. There isn’t a day that he is not in our building.  Jim greets students at our door every single morning.  He always has a positive comment to each student and staff member that enters through that door.  He is out there greeting parents and waving to everyone as well.  Jim even comes extra early to make sure our couple of students who are there an hour before school are taken care of and he gives them something to do or just sits and talks with them.

The students know that Jim is there for them and that it is a great day to be a Comet.

Just recently at our school registration Jim was there both days, all day, to greet our students and staff back to school.  He even skipped a trip to Little America with his children because he thought it was important to welcome all the students and parents back to another great year at Albany School District.  He promotes our district wherever he is and helps me recruit people when he hears about their interests.

Jim gives 200% each day and never stops thinking about how to save money, what does the school need to do to attract more students, and what do our current students need to be successful. He gives the district an unlimited number of hours.

The Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance was formed to help rural school districts address the unique issues that affect rural schools as they seek to achieve the highest quality education for every student.  Members include a cross-section of administrators, educators, school board members, post-secondary representatives, rural community members, business leaders, and other concerned individuals who want a strong voice for rural education.