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WiRSA Membership List by Region

Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance Membership

Why A Rural Schools Association?

  • Provides a voice for rural education;
  • Advocates in Madison for rural schools and communities;
  • Represents rural districts at state level decision-making;
  • Enhances opportunities and resources available to rural schools.

Become a Member of WiRSA and become:

  • a voice for rural education and the children of rural communities
  • an advocate in Madison for rural education
  • a representative for rural districts at state level decision-making



  • Annual Statewide Conference
  • Regional meetings
  • National Conference

Information Important to Rural Schools

  • Website updates with information important to rural schools
  • Regular E-Newsletters


  • Rural schools advocacy efforts

Your Membership Provides:

  • Strength to the rural school voice at the Capital
  • Support for a statewide annual conference for sharing information important to rural schools
  • A network of rural schools for collaboration and cooperation
  • Scholarships for rural students