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Rural School Board of Education

Member of the Year

The Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance (WiRSA) Board of Directors established this award to recognize a school board of education member who has made significant contributions to his/her rural school district.

To be nominated you must be a school board of education member in a WiRSA member school district.

Award winners will be selected by the WiRSA Board of Directors Executive Committee.

2017 School Board of Education Member of the Year Winner

Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance (WiRSA)

2017 Rural School Board of Education Member Award Winner

Rick Pedretti DeSoto School District

Rick Pedretti was honored by the Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance (WiRSA), a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping address challenges faced by rural school districts, at the annual Rural Schools Conference on October 30, 2017.

Rick Pedretti is the current president of the De Soto Area School Board, and has provided exceptional leadership throughout his 14-years as a board member, serving 12 of those as president, and during his first two years on the board as vice president. Mr. Pedretti continually demonstrates his dedication to student learning and achievement and he is steadfast in his leadership directing the district’s strategic initiatives inclusive of fiscal responsibility, recruitment and retention of quality teachers, innovative educational opportunities for students, and long-range planning for the maintenance of safe educational facilities for students and the community.

Mr. Pedretti is someone who has prioritized his commitment to the school district ahead of both his personal and professional life, continually dedicating the necessary time essential to ensuring the fiscal, managerial and operational needs of the district are met. Mr. Pedretti also commits his time to attend local, regional and state WASB meetings and conferences and financial seminars, including WI State Finances—A Day at the Capitol. Mr. Pedretti has also been honored for his attendance at seminars and trainings, a testimony of his commitment to improving public education for all students.

Mr. Pedretti is an avid promoter of student learning opportunities in extra-curricular activities, through experiential field trips and in the classroom, along with professional development opportunities for teachers and staff.

The Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance was formed to help rural school districts address the unique issues that affect rural schools as they seek to achieve the highest quality education for every student.  Members include a cross-section of administrators, educators, school board members, post-secondary representatives, rural community members, business leaders, and other concerned individuals who want a strong voice for rural education.