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Kim Kaukl

Executive Director

Phone: (608) 553-0689


Dave Hammelman

Phone: (262) 370-8517


Exit Interview Services

I am pleased to announce we are continuing a benefit of your WiRSA membership. Associate member Hammelman Resources, LLC will continue to provide Human Resources services, including Exit Interviews, School District Position Descriptions, and Employee Stay Surveys.

Exit interviews of employees leaving school districts are a valuable source of credible information. However, too often these exit interviews are not completed because of administrators’ busy schedules and employees’ concerns with speaking directly with someone from the district they are leaving.

In 2015, we initiated our program using an outside third party to conduct exit interviews via telephone. Some of you may have met Dave Hammelman at WiRSA Fall Conferences at his booth in the vendor area. Mr. Hammelman’s professionalism and understanding of the importance of confidentiality were crucial in our decision to bring this service to WiRSA members.

Here’s how the program works:

You do not have to “sign up” or make any participation decisions now. When a teacher, administrator or other employee announces they are leaving your school district, you will only have to take two quick and easy actions:

  1. Provide the employee with the WiRSA Memo advising them they will be contacted by an outside third party.
  2. Complete and forward via email a brief Terminating Employee Contact Information Form.

The telephone interviews will be conducted soon after the employee’s last day on the job unless you request otherwise. The superintendent will then receive a confidential summary of the exit interview conversation. (This summary goes only to the superintendent, and will not under any circumstances be provided to WiRSA or any other parties.) Only cumulative data, without referencing any specific districts, will be shared with WiRSA.

The cost of this program is $30 per completed interview (some former employees may decline to participate). Participating districts will not be invoiced until September; therefore, only one payment covering all completed interviews before school starts next school year will need to be processed.

As we all know too well, staff turnover in rural school districts is an ongoing issue. Exit interviews by an outside third party can often generate actionable data and information which can be shared with your Board and/or leadership team as deemed appropriate. I encourage you to take advantage of this membership benefit as you have staff leaving your district.

Questions may be addressed to Kim Kaukl, Executive Director or directly to