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• WiRSA Conference Registration is now open.
• Nominate someone for the WiRSA Rural Awards.
• National Legislative Update – Federal Funds for Guns in School?
• DOJ’s second round of School Safety Funding deadline and training.
• Good reads from the NREA.
• Great resource from IES for the start of the year.

Wisconsin’s Rural Schools Are Getting Squeezed By Student Loss

The Connection Between Declining Enrollment And Revenue Limits

Wisconsin Residents Value Public Schools Over Tax Cuts, in Contrast to Lawmakers

WiRSA ‘Rural Schools Matter’ Conference Registration is now Open  The 2018 WiRSA Conference will be held again this year at the Glacier Canyon Lodge Conference Center in Wisconsin Dells, October 29-30. View the program outline and registration information on our website. Conference Registration

WiRSA Rural Awards   WiRSA is now taking applications for the 2018 WiRSA Rural Awards. The WiRSA Rural Awards are a way to recognize the great people you have in your district and community for the outstanding things that they do for your school and rural education. The deadline for nominations is September 14. Visit our site for more information.

Please be sure to review the Membership Survey and Board Election Information that was emailed on Friday, August 10.

Legislative Update for the Week of August 27
August 29 – Legislative Study Committee on identification and management of dyslexia

National Level Legislative Update From NREA/CEF   GAUGING INTEREST IN FEDERAL FUNDS FOR GUNS IN SCHOOLS: Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is weighing whether to allow school districts to tap into more than $1 billion in federal funds under Every Student Succeeds Act to arm and train school staff. The idea — which flies in the face of recent congressional efforts to prohibit federal funds from going to arm educators — was prompted by questions from states like Texas and Oklahoma, according to administration officials. Caitlin Emma and Michael Stratford have the story.

From the Department of Justice   From the Office of School Safety. Round 2 of the School Safety Initiative grant on Egrants opened on August 15, 2018! The deadline is August 30, 2018!

• WiRSA and other school organizations have registered our frustration with this short turnaround and have asked for consideration to extend the deadline but have made little headway.
• There is the option to request an extension for extenuating circumstances. I will keep you posted if things change.

Adolescent Mental Health Training and Threat Assessment Team Course   The Adolescent Mental Health Training and Threat Assessment Team Course required as a prerequisite for the second round of funding will be provided by the DOJ for no cost to the school. However, the school will need to cover the cost associated with travel to the training such as mileage, lodging and meals. It is permitted to use grant funding to cover these costs if it is identified within the budget spreadsheet submitted in Egrants.

Schools can send as many teachers and counselors as they see necessary to the training. However, DOJ will only cover cost of tuition for 10% of the school’s staff. Additional staff costs would need to be requested in the budget.

DOJ suggests that your budget narrative and budget excel spreadsheet includes two separate line items. One for the 10% of staff where tuition is covered by DOJ, along with requested travel, meals and lodging paid with grant funds. A second line item should include any additional staff training above the 10% to include tuition, meals, travel and lodging. This will make clear to grant specialist when approving school budgets. The tuition for additional staff above the 10% is $180 per person.

Articles from NREA
Enrollment Is Down at Teacher Colleges. So They’re Trying to Change
10 Tips for New Teachers
3 Ways to Build the “Energy” in Your Schools
Cut the Bull
Tips for Welcoming Parent Volunteers Into Your Classroom

From IES    Back to School with the WWC!
The What Works Clearinghouse provides educators with helpful resources to start off the school year. We review the research to find what works in education. In this feature, find tips based on a variety of WWC products.

Core Subjects
The WWC has quick tips from our practice guides for math, language arts, and behavioral issues to try in your classroom!

Looking for the best evidence on math, reading, and science? Use the Find What Works tool to compare the research. Our video can show you more about its features and how to use it.

Front Office
Let our practice guide recommendation s help you reduce dropout rates in middle and high school and improve high school graduation rates.

Field Trip
Visit the Regional Educational Laboratories (RELs), and learn how they provide support for a more evidence-reliant education system.

Director Events from Last Week
Aug. 20 – Ed. Issues conference call
Aug. 22 – Meeting with Wisconsin Partners
Aug. 23 – Meeting with Mid State Technical College

Director Events for the Upcoming Week
Aug. 27 – Ed Issues conference call
Aug. 28 – Meeting with Sabor Core
Aug. 29 – Meeting with HealthTide
Aug. 30 – RCN Meeting
Aug. 30 – DPI Meeting on equity and school improvement strategy that the department is investigating

Resources and Grant/Scholarship Reminders
• WiRSA Rural Awards – Click here for more information
ESEA Information
Licensure Webinar
NREA Conference in Denver, Colorado– October 11-13
2018 WiRSA Conference, RURAL SCHOOLS MATTER, October 29-30, Glacier Canyon in Wisconsin Dells.


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