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In this edition:
• WiRSA Conference registration is now open,
• Nominate someone for the WiRSA Rural Awards.
• DOJ second round of School Safety Funding.

WiRSA ‘Rural Schools Matter’ Conference Registration is now Open

The 2018 WiRSA Conference will be held again this year at the Glacier Canyon Lodge Conference Center in Wisconsin Dells October 29-30. View the program outline and registration information on our website. To register for the conference, go to the following link.

WiRSA Rural Awards

WiRSA is now taking applications for the 2018 WiRSA Rural Awards. The WiRSA Rural Awards are a way to recognize the great people you have in your district and community for the outstanding things that they do for your school and rural education. The deadline for nominations is September 14. Visit our site for more information. Please be sure to review the Membership Survey and Board Election Information that was email on Friday, August 10.

Legislative Update for the Week of August 13
August 16: Legislative Council
2018 Legislative Council Study Committee on the Investment and Use of the School Trust Funds Study Meeting

National Level Legislative Update From NREA/CEF
Labor-HHS-Education funding bill on Senate floor next week – After what was surely a totally refreshing one-week August recess, the Senate returns next week with plans to consider a fiscal year 2019 funding bill for both Defense and Labor-HHS-Education starting on Thursday. We’re told that the Senate will likely be considering the package throughout the following week, as well. There is so far no word on possible education-funding related amendments, but we’ll let you know what we hear. CEF will be sending letters to House and Senate appropriators urging support for more education funding during the amendment process and supporting the highest possible allocation for the bill when the House and Senate negotiate a conference agreement. We will share those letters when they are finalized.

From the Department of Justice
School Safety Grant Funds – Round Two
Schools interested in applying for the second round of grant funding must submit a mandatory “intent to apply” to the OSS by August 13, 2018. Schools and school districts that applied for the first round of grants are eligible for the second round of grants and will apply for the second round through a simplified grant application process. Schools that applied for funds in round one must have completed that grant application process and received their award notice to be eligible for round two funds. If a round one applicant has not yet received their award, please respond to the assigned DOJ grant specialist with all requested information as soon as possible to expedite that process. Schools and school districts that did not apply for the first round of grants are eligible for the second round of grants but will need to satisfy all prerequisites of the first round and second round of grant funding.

Under the second round of grant funding, grant funds will be awarded on a per-student formula, according to student enrollment as reported to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. No awardee will receive less than $10,000 nor receive more than $2.5 million, to ensure all applicants receive enough funding to complete training and make meaningful physical security improvements.

More details, including a link to the Summary document and the Intent to Apply, are on the Office of School Safety website.

Additional details are in the grant summary on the DOJ website.

Digital Placemaking is the Economic Strategy of the Future Placemaking and investing in improving the resident experience has clear and measurable economic value. By Evan Dobos


Director Events from Last Week
Aug. 6 – Stakeholder conference call
Aug. 7 – Meeting with Fair Opportunity Project
Aug. 7 – Meeting and Interview with Alan Borsuk from Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel

Director Events for the Upcoming Week
Aug. 13 – Meeting with Mary Lippert DOA North Region
Aug 15 – Follow up meeting with stakeholder groups regarding Blue Ribbon Commission on School Funding.
Aug. 16 – End of year audit with Mike Koltes at CESA 5

Resources and Grant/Scholarship Reminders
• WiRSA Rural Awards – Click here for more information
ESEA Information
Licensure Webinar
• NREA Conference in Denver, Colorado– October 11-13
2018 WiRSA Conference, RURAL SCHOOLS MATTER, October 29-30, Glacier Canyon in Wisconsin Dells.


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