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The Community’s public school is the greatest discovery, and the cornerstone of our democratic societyHorace Mann

Good Morning,
During this week of Thanksgiving I encourage you to take time away from work and enjoy time with your family and friends. Take the time to thank those near you for their support and hard work.

Welcome New Member
Welcome to Lori Weyers and Northcentral Technical College. We look forward to working with them.

WiRSA Scholarships – Please remind your counselors to check out the WiRSA website for the WiRSA scholarships, including the new education scholarships. Scholarship Deadline is February 15.

Legislative Update for the Week of November 20.
There is nothing that pertains to education on this week’s docket.

On Thursday, November 16, a Public Hearing was held on Assembly Bill 496 relating to: suspending and expelling a pupil for possession of a firearm at school. WiRSA registered in support of this bill. WiRSA members Terry McCloskey, Three Lakes along with Chris Metras from Beecher-Dunbar-Pembine; Scott Sabol of Mayville and Ben Niehaus of Florence County all testified in support of this bill.

From the NREA
Great Resource from AASA on Rural Equity: I strongly encourage you to look at this as there are some very good graphs.

One Virginia principal is shaking up the education game; posted by: Todd Kominiak, November 7, 2017, Principal Changing School Culture

CEF Budget Book PDF Download.

AASA launched its I Love Public Education campaign over the summer to strengthen our schools and best support the students they serve.

Negative trickle down on education
This is an opinion piece and the Center for American Progress is left-leaning, but the analysis below is very clear about the negative trickle-down effect of the proposed tax bill

In order to find the money to finance this payoff to wealthy corporations, Speaker Paul Ryan and the House majority have decided they “need” to scrap a number of education-related deductions used by middle-class taxpayers. So gone is the write-off teachers can use to deduct up to $250 for school supplies that they purchase for their classroom. Also out is the student loan interest deduction that allows those paying off their loans to deduct up to $2,500. Sorry, teachers and those who worked hard to get a good education. This tax plan just doesn’t think you’re worth it.

These changes, though harmful to millions of teachers and student loan borrowers across the country, are minor compared to some of the other much bigger changes in store for middle-class families and their kids’ education. One of the largest deductions that Ryan and his colleagues changed – the state and local tax deduction – will raise taxes on far more households across the country.

The state and local tax deduction is used by about one-third of households to deduct a portion of their state and local property and income or sales taxes. Since over 90 percent of education funding comes from state and local taxes, this tax benefit indirectly makes it easier for states and districts to finance education.

Proposed changes to lessen the benefit of the state and local tax deduction would mean downward pressure on school financing, as states and districts would find it more difficult to raise the revenue required to adequately finance schools. This is particularly problematic in our current context, since nearly two-thirds of states have never recovered from the Great Recession and are still providing less support for elementary and secondary school students than they did in 2008. Since the strength of states’ economies are closely tied to the quality of their education system, any disincentive to invest in education has the potential to harm local economies in the long run.
Read article.

Director Events from Last Week
Nov. 12-14, MREA Brainard MN
Nov. 13, Ed Issues conference call
Nov. 15, Meeting with Midwest REL
Nov. 16, Assembly Education Committee
Nov. 16, Meeting with TRICOR
Nov. 17, Meeting with Connect Americans Now

Director Events for the Upcoming Week
Nov. 20, Ed Issues Weekly Conference Call

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