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The Community’s public school is the greatest discovery, and the cornerstone of our democratic society – Horace Mann

Good Morning,
Last week was a busy week with the unveiling of the Governor’s 2017-19 Biannual Budget. For many of the steps forward initially taken by the Governor, there were many setbacks once the whole package was unveiled due to some of the strings he has attached to his proposal for public schools. I will be spending the next week looking at this closer and sharing with you any updates or insight that I have.

2016-17 WiRSA Scholarship Deadline is February 15
Be sure to inform your Guidance Departments about the 2016-17 WiRSA Student Scholarships. Each member district can submit one student for consideration for the five $500 scholarships given, one for each of the four regions plus one at large. WiRSA Website

More Details on the Governor’s Budget Proposals
More detailed information on the Governors 2017-2019 Biannual Budget Proposal can be found here:  Senate version and Assembly version. I will work on getting your more details as I continue to break this down.

Wisconsin Public Education Advocates Respond to Budget Proposal
This is a good article showing numerous responses from Wisconsin grass roots supporters of public education.

Talks of Cuts to Public Schools to Support Voucher Expansion
Per the comments referenced below by reporters from the AP and WKOW in Madison, it looks like the legislature is talking about cutting funding for public schools to support voucher expansion.
Scott Bauer @sbauerAP8m.  @SenFitzgerald says state aid to K-12 schools will go up, but not as much as $649 million @GovWalker proposed Greg Neumann @gneumann_wkow2m
@SenFitzgerald says lifting enrollment cap for WI school choice program is definitely on the table in budget – even though not in Governor’s proposal.

Murphy’s Law – Taking Aim at Voucher Schools
This is an interesting article posted by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Why Cutting Medicaid would be Bad for our Children
This is a well done whitepaper from NREA by Sasha Pudelski AASA: Cutting Medicaid: A Prescription to Hurt the Neediest Kids 

Colleges Discover the Rural Student
This article is from the NREA site by Laura Pappano on the New York Times site.

Director Events from Last Week
Feb. 6, Interviews on WPR Joy Cardine Show and WPR Rich Kraemer Show
Feb. 6, Education Academy conference call
Feb. 6, Ed. Issues conference call
Feb. 8, Education Academy
Feb. 8, Governor’s Budget Address
Feb. 9, Assembly Education Committee
Feb. 9, Battelle for Kids Rural Collaborative conference call

Director Events for the Upcoming Week
Feb. 13, WPEN Governors Budget Review at WASB
Feb. 13, Ed. Issues conference call
Feb. 14, REAP Webinar
Feb. 15, Meeting with researcher Katie McCabe
Feb. 15, Meeting with M3
Feb. 17, ESSA Update conference call

2017 WiRSA Conference Save the Date
The 2017 WiRSA Conference will be held Oct. 30-31 at the Glacier Canyon Lodge at the Wilderness in Wisconsin Dells. Please note the date and location change for this year. A request for presenters will be coming out in the Spring.

Resources and Grant/Scholarship Reminders
WiRSA Scholarships
2017 WiRSA Rural Awards
2017 WiRSA Conference save the date – Oct. 30-31 Glacier Canyon Lodge at the Wilderness Wis. Dells
School Funding Reform for Wisconsin
ESEA Information and more here.
ESSA Overview Video – Narrated PowerPoint – This information is also available off the ESEA web page on the DPI site.
Into the Outdoors – Free Classroom Resources
Meemic Foundation Grants for Teachers

Have A Great Week!