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 Good Morning,

Happy Easter to you and your families. Enjoy this time to refresh and prepare for the end-of-the-school-year push.

Events from this Past Week:

  • March 21 – Presented to the Richland School District Board of Education regarding WiRSA and potential membership

 Events for the Upcoming Week:

  • March 28 – Educational Issues Weekly Conference Call

Please Note: The WiRSA office will be closed from March 29-April 6.


Congratulations to the 2016 WiRSA Member School Kohl Winners 

(ES=Excellence Scholar      IS=Initiative Scholar      TF=Teacher Fellow     L=Leadership)

Megan Powers, Juda High School (ES)
Mark Schauf, Walworth Big Foot High School (ES)

Joshua Little, Albany High School (IS)

Jacquelyn Moseley, Darlington High School (ES)

Hunter Aide, Highland Community High School (IS)
Dylan Crook, Kickapoo High School (IS)
Brady Fernette, Seneca High School (IS)
Linzie Wiegel, Benton High School (IS)

Randeana Osborne, Weston High School (TF)
Stacy Ottman, Riverdale Elementary and Middle School (TF)
Jean Pierick, Highland Elementary School(TF)

Megan Reinhardt, Alma High School (ES)

McKayla Marsolek, Whitehall Memorial Junior and Senior High School (IS)
Kelsea Storkel, Royall High School (IS)

McKenna Prahl, Iola-Scandinavia High School (ES)

Desiree Madigan, Montello Junior and Senior High School (IS)
Mackenzie Ripp, Lodi High School (IS)
Travis Sankey, Amherst High School (IS)
Cheryl Soetebier, Pittsville High School (IS)
Claire Stebbins, Randolph High School (IS)
Ashley Steffens, Mauston High School (IS)

Katelyn Buonincontro, Columbus Middle School (TF)
Karen Olson, Baraboo High School (TF)
Kristi Paskey, Lodi High School (TF)
Jori Ruff, Baraboo Al Behrman Elementary School (TF)

Jeff Fimreite, Randolph Elementary Middle School (L)
Robin Kvalo, Portage High School, Portage (L)
David Moody, Westfield Area High School/Middle School (L)

Ethan Weber, New Holstein New Holstein High School, New Holstein (ES)

Kate Horn, St. Cloud New Holstein High School, New Holstein (IS)
Texas Kinnard, Forestville Southern Door High School, Brussels (IS)

Adam Baier, Sturgeon Bay Sevastopol Middle & High School, Sturgeon Bay (L)


Myah Anderson, Niagara High School(ES)
Brianna LeFebre, Oconto Falls High School (ES)
Brittany Russell, Oconto Falls High School (ES)

Heaven Adkins, Laona High School (IS)
Luke Denotter, Tigerton High School (IS)

Jodi Resch Brownell, Crandon High School (TF)
Lori Rowe, Tigerton High School (TF)

Tianna Borchardt, Edgar High School (ES)
Samantha Hytry, Northland Pines High School (ES)
Vansh Jain, Lakeland Union High School (ES)
Jennah Ludwig, Northland Pines High School (ES)
Reid Parks, Marathon High School (ES)
Esther Yeung, Lakeland Union High School (ES)

Brooke Buehler, Rib Lake High School (IS)
Mackenzie Conner, Athens High School (IS)
Collin Zoellner, Merrill High School (IS)

Donna Hejtmanek, St. Germain Elementary School (TF)
Megan Hoffman, Northland Pines Montessori (TF)
Matthew Robisch, Rib Lake High School (TF)

Whitney Baehr, Owen-Withee High School (ES)
Josie Olson, Eleva-Strum Central High School (ES)

Sabrina Branstiter, Abbotsford Middle and Senior High School (IS)
Jessica Heisler, Spencer Junior and Senior High School (IS)

Carlie Merrill, Unity High School (IS)
Rachel Redding, Plum City High School (IS)

Cory Nelson, Unity Middle School (TF)

Hannah Mader, Chequamegon High School (ES)

Claudia Burst, Washburn High School (IS)
Taya McClure, Northwestern High School (IS)


E-Rate News from NREA – The current period for E-Rate application is open. Between increased collections and rollovers from previous years, there is a record amount of funding available (over 5 billion). We were informed there is difficulty with the application process and were encouraged to be patient and not let this opportunity pass. This amount of money will not be available in the foreseeable future.
IES Releases Social-Behavioral Compendium

Social and emotional well-being is increasingly recognized as an important education outcome that prepares students for life-long success. Since 2002, the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) has funded more than 245 research projects focused on social-behavioral skills. These projects were sponsored by IES’ two research centers—the National Center for Education Research and the National Center for Special Education Research.

A new compendium of IES-sponsored social-behavioral research was released today (March 24, 2016) and is now available on the IES website. The Compendium is designed to provide information on completed and current projects in an easily accessible and usable format. For additional information, please view A Compendium of Social-Behavioral Research Funded by NCER and NCSER: 2002-2013.

REL Learning Series: Early Warning Systems 201: How to Build Effective EWS Teams and Provide Interventions Within a Tiered Framework System

Early Warning Systems (EWS) use a wide range of data to identify students at risk of falling off track and allow educators to step in to provide timely interventions and supports.

The “Early Warning Systems 201” webinar is part of the REL Learning Series on Early Warning Systems. Participants will learn how to build an effective team that is able to incorporate EWS into everyday practices and tiered frameworks such as Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS), Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), and Response to Intervention (RTI). This interactive 90-minute session will include an opportunity for participants to practice matching sample interventions to indicators and evaluating whether there are enough interventions to support the number of identified struggling students.  The webinar will feature REL representatives who have helped schools and districts nationwide implement EWS, as well as two practitioners who will share their journey of using data to increase the success of their students.

Early Warning Systems 201 Webinar, Thursday, March 31, 2016, 10:00–11:30 a.m. PDT (1:00–2:30 p.m. EDT), 

Click here to register

This webinar is designed for school and district staff members who are familiar with EWS and have begun to establish an EWS team, but would like more in-depth information on how to incorporate EWS into everyday practices. The event is sponsored by REL Northwest, REL Central, and REL West. To see the recording of the “Early Warning Systems 101” webinar (presented on February 25), click here.

Have a great week.