Good Morning,

Hard to believe it is December 13th in Wisconsin with the temperatures in the 40s and 50s. I guess the weather prognosticators may be right and we are going to have a mild winter. We’ll see if we still feel this way when we get to mid-late January.

Congratulations to the 2015 National Board Certified Teachers from member schools:
  • Ann Marie Perry — Science teacher at Northland Pines High School
  • Marry Wait — English Language Arts teacher at Northland Pines High School
  • Todd Wilfer — Science teacher at Northland Pines High School
  • Suzanne Imhoff — Art teacher at Saint Croix Falls High School
Into the Outdoors — Classroom Resources

Into the Outdoors has been busy producing new episodes, expanding their educational and broadcast network, designing new website features, or winning their 11th Emmy Award! All of the videos are available for you to download for free in HD for full screen classroom viewing so that you can view them later anywhere…whether you have Internet access or not.

WiRSA Conference Survey:

The conference survey was recently sent out via Survey Monkey. Thank you to those who have completed the survey and for those of you that attended the conference and haven’t completed the survey, I encourage you to do so. It will take less than 5 minutes and your feedback will be very helpful as we start planning next year’s conference at our January meeting. We will close the survey for tabulations on Dec. 31.

Request from UW Systems President Ray Cross:

You are invited to take a survey that can be found at The survey includes the most common ideas that were collected during the statewide listening sessions. By taking the survey, you can contribute additional input to this process. You are encouraged to forward this link to colleagues, friends and family in Wisconsin. We want to hear from everyone in the state.

Fab Lab Grant:

WEDC will provide grants of up to $25,000 to eligible Wisconsin public school districts for the creation and/or expansion of fabrication laboratories within the school district. The funds may be used to purchase equipment for instructional and educational purposes by elementary, middle, junior or high school students. Application for the first grant year are due Jan. 22, 2016.

Events from this Past Week:
  • Monday, Dec. 7 — Jerry and I met with CESA 5 to review our financials and everything looks in order — I will be providing a detailed treasure’s report and a conference financial summary at the January Board Meeting.
  • Monday, Dec. 7 — Educational Issues Teleconference
    • Academic Excellence Scholarship Bill, SB 228/AB 314 and the 28 ACT requirement along with the funding mechanism. I have had long conversation with Senator Strobel’s office regarding the 28 ACT requirement. I would like to see the removal of this requirement of lowering it to a more reasonable 26, but at this time they are unwilling to negotiate — this may need to a call to action.
    • Transgender Bill AB 469
    • School Safety Bill AB 517 — I am in opposition to this bill as an unneeded bill. It has confidentiality issues and may cause problems with present working relations between school officials and SROs.
    • Teacher Licensing — LRB 3 681/1 & LRB 3935/1 relating to licenses to teach vocational education subjects. I have concerns with this piece of legislation in regards to the lack of classroom pedagogy being required.
  • Thursday, Dec. 10 — I met with Richard Barnhouse, UW Colleges Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management to discuss and hopefully finalize UWC’s WiRSA membership.
Events for the Upcoming Week:
  • Monday, Dec. 14 — Weekly Educational Issues conference call. Initial introductory conference call, to become part of REL Midwest Rural Research Alliance.
  • Tuesday, Dec. 15 — Presenting to the Lake Conference District Administrators in Turtle Lake. Thank you Josh Robinson for the invite.
  • Wednesday, Dec. 16 — NREAC Conference Call
Grant/Scholarship Reminders

Information for the following Monsanto grants are available by accessing the following links:

Have a safe and enjoyable week.