Good Evening,

I hope the hunt went well for all the hunters out there! I hope you had a chance to relax a little before preparing for Thanksgiving and the hustle and bustle of celebrating with family and friends.

Welcome to our newest members, Saint Croix Falls (Mark Burandt) and Mineral Point (Luke Francois). We are excited to have you as members and I look forward to working with you.

The 2016 conference is scheduled for Nov. 8-9 in Stevens Point. If you have ideas for themes and topics, please email them to me. The planning for the 2016 conference will begin at our January Board Meeting. Note: To avoid Election Day, Nov. 8, I am working with the Holiday Inn to change the dates to the 9th and 10th — I will keep you posted.

2015-16 Election Update:

An election will be held for the Region 4 Administrator seat. Ben Neihaus of Florence and Dave Scholz of Phillips are both running for that seat. Election information will go out this week to the Region 4 Electors. Please return your votes by Friday, Dec. 4.

Referendum Bills: Regarding referendum bills SB355 and AB481, I want to thank you for your hard work of contacting your local legislators. Your efforts are having a great impact, keep up the effort. There has been no word of a hearing date at this time.

CTA Perkins National Task Force: I have been added to this national task force. The task force will be looking at CTE policies and the reauthorization of the Perkins Grant dollars.

USDA’s RUS Distance Learning and Telemedicine Program: Thank you Dr. John Ulferts for this information. John was a presenter at our conference and is presently working on this grant in Illinois. In talking with his contact and sharing the background of our member schools, the feeling is Schools in Wisconsin would be a good fit for this grant. I know John and Laura have sent an initial contact to John Eyerly at Westfield and Louie Ferguson at Arcadia regarding their Spanish project. The grant is the USDA’s RUS Distance Learning and Telemedicine Program — it is a great way to bring educational technology to your group via grant funding. More about the program here: The 2016 program will be released approximately Dec. 15, 2015 and will be due within 60 days with a prospective due date of mid-February 2016.

Events from this Past Week:

Monday, Nov. 9: I took part in the weekly Educational Issues Teleconference. We discussed the proposed legislation on the Transgender Bill, AB469, which had a hearing on Nov. 19 at 10 a.m. The consensus is that this needs to be left to local control. Please let me know if you feel differently.

Thursday, Nov. 19: I had the opportunity to do a teleconference with UW Colleges, the two-year campuses. The meeting went very well and there is interest from the UWC to become part of our organization. I will be following up with the UW Colleges’ Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management to finalize things.

Thursday, Nov. 19: I had a chance to visit De Soto, Cashton and Bruce when I stopped to deliver the corrected Rural Award Plaques on my way to CESA 12.

Friday, Nov. 20: Presented to the CESA 12 PAC in Ashland — Thank you, Ken.

Events for the Upcoming Week:

Monday, Nov. 23: Weekly Educational Issues conference call

  • Region 4 ballot will go out for the Administrator representative to the Board.
  • Senator Stoebel’s office contacted me in regards to revisions he is making to the Academic Excellence Scholarship (SB228). I will be talking with them on Monday. The new language appears to keep the scholarship numbers intact, but he is still proposing a 28 ACT, which I will be opposing and requesting it be set at 26.


5Share Reminder: 5Share is up and running! Conference presentations are posted under the documents section. Quick links out for the NREA Update, SAA Updates and WASB Legislative Updated (Found under Discussions). Weekly Update will be posted under the documents area. My hope is to have the majority of our conversation and information done via 5Share by the start of 2016. Rather than me pushing information out, you will be able to access it on your time. If you are having trouble accessing the site, please let me know.

Grant/Scholarship Reminders:


Have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving Holiday with family and friends.